Photo love xxx

One of my favourite sayings is ‘Collect moments not things ‘ and another is ‘Take only pictures, leave only footprints’ ……. and boy do I take a lot of pictures !!

I’m never without a camera, whether it’s my phone, IPad or little old Panasonic ….. and as I spend all the time I can outdoors, there are just so many times a day that I find amazing moments to collect.

I share a lot of pics on Instagram, I love how it makes me see the beauty in the everyday, I love seeing other likeminded people’s pics and I get so excited to share all the lovely things I’ve seen each day.  It’s also a great wway  to  keep my favourite pics in one place, like the albums my Mum always used to fill.

I get lots of lovely comments from customers in the cafe when they see my Insta pic display. So I’ve been making these cards to sell. I print them Polaroid style using the app LALALAB then stick them onto blank cards, write a little description and tadaa!! beachy memories to share xximage




sunshine on a rainy day xxx

I’m writing this on a cold windy night in December. Christmas is fast approaching in all its fun filled excitement, and, as much as I love cozy nights and festive cheer, I can’t help daydreaming about sipping tea in the sunshine, watching the waves and listening to the Gulls and Terns. I guess I’m just an eternal beach bum.

I’m busy in the cafe, redecorating and making plans … I’ll share some pics soon.  In the meantime I’ll enjoy some lovely blustery winter walks and hopefully some snow to go sledging ……… until I can sit in the sun again xxx

beach cafe

over to the other side xxx

On Sunday I had a fab afternoon out with my son. We went over to the south west side of the Island.

Cable Bay is my favourite beach over this side, it’s a cute little cove with sheer cliffs … perfect for jumping off at high tide. It gets a really good swell after a south west wind and is great for body boarding, surfing and surf kayaking.

It was low tide when we visited, there were some snorkelers enjoying the flat sea and Sion had fun scaling the cliffs.

the coastal path is lovely from Cable Bay…… if you walk to the left you get to the Church in the Sea


if you follow the coastal path round to the right you come across the lovely Rhosneigr beach



all in all, a lovely Sunday afternoon xxx

collecting moments, not things xxxx

I’m very grateful for the moments that fill my life. Every morning I walk the dogs on the beach, it looks different each time, and each time it makes me stop and take a deep breath and smile.


I love the ancient parts of the beach like this fish trap, built by people who walked this way many, many moons ago….


Sometimes it’s enough to just kick back, nestle down into the sand dunes and stare at the sky xxxx




Enjoy your moments xxxxxx

make a little star xxx


I love Christmas and I love decorating my humble little abode. Living in a wooden chalet by the sea my Christmas decor tends to be very beachy…..


I don’t have a big tree, and the decorations are handmade with bits I have collected from the beach and countryside . One of my favourites is a pot full of twigs decorated with cute stars and hearts xxx here is how I make the little stars for the twiggy tree xxxx






I have these little stars hanging all year round, not just at Christmas xxx



Amlwch Port breakwater, Isle of Anglesey, North Wales

One brilliant thing about living by the sea is the fresh fish for supper. We have a fantastic little fish shop in a nearby village

Even more exciting though is when my Dad and Stepmum go out fishing and bring us back something yummy to eat. They fish all around here so I’ll try and feature each place they go.

For this post it’s Amlwch Port Breakwater. The port of Amlwch has a fantastic history, being the main port for the export of copper from nearby Parys Mountain copper mine .
Many famous boats came to have their hulls copper lined, this meant no barnacles could take hold on the hull and so made the boats faster.

The most famous of all the ships to have this copper plating was Nelson’s HMS Victory xxx

Today Amlwch Port is a gorgeous little fishing port, popular with tourists and locals alike. I love coming here just to watch the sea xx especially on a wild and windy day.


You can see how the breakwater protects the harbour from the weather.


wild weather xxxx


A valiant seagull battles the elements xxx

sunshine on a November afternoon xxx

You’ll find me down at the beach everyday, I love it whatever the weather…. but somedays the sun comes out to play … warms your cold nose and makes you want to laugh and skip xxxxx

My little pup, Izzy, loves the sun…. digging in the sand with his nose and leaping around with sheer joy xxx


Midsummer when the sun is high in the sky is absolutely glorious, but I also love the shorter days this time of year when the sun is low and it’s casting a golden glow over the sand.


creating long legged shadows xx


Hope you’ve all enjoyed some sunshine too xxx