Amlwch Port breakwater, Isle of Anglesey, North Wales

One brilliant thing about living by the sea is the fresh fish for supper. We have a fantastic little fish shop in a nearby village

Even more exciting though is when my Dad and Stepmum go out fishing and bring us back something yummy to eat. They fish all around here so I’ll try and feature each place they go.

For this post it’s Amlwch Port Breakwater. The port of Amlwch has a fantastic history, being the main port for the export of copper from nearby Parys Mountain copper mine .
Many famous boats came to have their hulls copper lined, this meant no barnacles could take hold on the hull and so made the boats faster.

The most famous of all the ships to have this copper plating was Nelson’s HMS Victory xxx

Today Amlwch Port is a gorgeous little fishing port, popular with tourists and locals alike. I love coming here just to watch the sea xx especially on a wild and windy day.


You can see how the breakwater protects the harbour from the weather.


wild weather xxxx


A valiant seagull battles the elements xxx

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